Welcome to SuccessfulWebsite2012.com, home of the best E-Book on how to launch a successful website this year! As the web is becoming more and more competitive, the question you have to ask yourself today before launching your website is:

do I have the right tools and the right information to make this website successful? 

Whether you are about to start a website for your Business, for Yourself, for a Client or simply for Fun, you will want one thing for sure: TRAFFIC! Attracting quality traffic to your website doesn’t have to be hard or expensive and this E-book will teach you how to build an optimized website and attract traffic through Content Optimization, SEO, Social Media and Email Marketing!

In this E-book, you will learn:

  • How to Choose The Right Domain Name For Your Website
  • How to Find The Right Keywords for Search Engine Optimization
  • How to Choose the Right CMS and the Right Web Hosting Service
  • How to Optimize your Website for SEO and Social Media
  • How to Write Great Content and How to Share it to Attract Traffic
  • How to Monitor Your Website’s Traffic
  • How to Market your Website Using SEO, SMM and Email Marketing

About the Author

My name is John Kundera and  I’m a successful web developer and online marketing specialist, having over 15 years of experience in the industry. After working for some of the greatest companies in the US, Canada, China and Europe, I am a now a Private Consultant, building and optimizing websites for clients all over the world. [Read More]


If you want to see what other people are saying about this e-book, here are a few recent testimonials:

I learned a lot from this e-book. It’s definitely worth downloading it. Some of the information in this e-book would have taken me years to learn! I’m now on my way to success (hopefully) with my first website.

Jerry H.
New York, NY

Lots of good tips and strategies in this E-book, my only concern is that John doesn’t go in details over every point. It’s more like a summary that he does. Still, amazing information!

Jeremy R.
Toronto, ON

This e-book helped me choose the right domain name! I had no idea that there were different approaches involved in choosing a domain. I was about to make a big mistake by buying a random domain name that would have certainly compromised my overall web success. Great e-book!

Mark S.
Ft Lauderdale, FL

Very useful tips in this book. This actually helped me save a lot of money as a lot of recommended tools are actually cheaper than the ones I was about to purchase.

David C.
Boston, MA


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